UNCERTAINTY STUDIOS 18-26 okt. DDW Eindhoven

by Interaction Design and Product Design ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem

What tools are relevant for shaping the future?

What frontiers need to be addressed in design education?

Product and Interaction Design of ArtEZ Arnhem will showcase Uncertainty Studios during Dutch Design Week 2014. Uncertainty studios is the result of a collaborative research project, wherein uncertainty and relevancy are investigated regarding physical and digital gestures, information design and material development.

Traditionally design is defined in terms of craft, materiality and function. Nowadays the scope of design includes new realms of processes, services, social relations and information. Consequently, this transition has influenced our understanding of design and the (research) methods in design education. This process offers new ways to investigate the strength of design. It offers a common ground for students to collaborate together and accordingly explore the new frontiers in design, wherein unknown matters are excepted.

Uncertainty studios consists of an exhibition by young and established alumni of Product Design and Interaction Design, a research project by third year students and a series of lectures on lightness, sound, fiction and psychology by international quests such as Hillel Schwarz (US), Nuno Coelho (UK), Ed van Hinte (NL) and Noam Toran (UK).

18-26 October 2014
11:00 / 19:00
TAC Vonderweg 1
5611 BK Eindhoven

€1,- with passe-partout
€2,- without passe-partout

TAC was founded in 1993 and still is the leading incubator for cultural renewal in Eindhoven. TAC residents who show ‘Made in TAC’, blend with ArtEZ and Polish design by Culture.pl and many other inspiring participants. Together they make this design experience happen. Visiting TAC feels like coming ashore on an island in the city. Here you can exchange exciting insights with artists and designers and experience the development of art, design, fashion, food and architecture in all its purity. Witness real craftsmanship and creativity in the various studios, exhibitions, workshops and lectures. The abundance and diversity found inside the industrial and picturesque TAC building take you to the source of Dutch and International Design.

Invitation Uncertainty Studios dubbelzijdig

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