Pauline van Dongen uses condom material for high-performance athletic suit

The past couple of months Studio Pauline van Dongen has been working on a speculative design, envisioning the future of athelic wear. In collaborations with SKYN®condoms they have been able to create an innovative long jump suit. The custom-made experimental suit explores the possibility that SKYN’s material could actually improve an elite athlete’s performance.

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RA: How did your relationship with Skyn Condoms come about and what was the creative process?
PvD: Skyn approached me and my design studio earlier this year and presented us their ideas for this project. As a designer working with technology I’m constantly driven and inspired by the potential of new materials, in order to see how we can create new experiences and sensations. The garments we wear are an excellent means to do so because they are constantly in touch with our bodies.
In sportswear the performance of the material and the way it fits the body of the athlete really matters and can make the difference between winning or losing. Skyn gave us a project briefing, after which we set out exploring various concepts in which the Skynfeel material would play a leading role. We had regular meetings to guide the process together and get the most out of it. It was very nice to work with a company that tries to converge its own work field with that of others and dares to do new things.





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