4DSOUND invites artists, researchers and technical developers from a variety of disciplines to apply for the Artist Residency Programme at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, Hungary.

For the past ten years, 4DSOUND has been developing and investigating new ways to create, perform and experience sound spatially. This has led to the development of an omnidirectional sound environment where you can experience sounds moving around, above, beneath, in between or through the listeners, disappearing into far spatial distances or coming intimately close to the body. An experience of sound seemingly independent from the physical borders of the space one is in, or the presence and place of actual loudspeakers in the room.

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The call for proposals seeks to engage projects that contribute to developing the Ecology of Listening.

  • Submissions for residencies may take place in the period January 1st – December 31st 2018.
  • Proposals may run from one month up to one year – depending on the scope of the proposed project and available funding.
  • Applications can be submitted up until the deadline October 1st 2017, and will be reviewed by the Curatorial Board of the Spatial Sound Institute for selection in the programme.

Visit the Artist Residency Programme page for the detailed guidelines on how to apply.

Header photograph by Mark Martinko: ‘Artificial Green No. 14’

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