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It’s now almost 3 months ago that we arrived in Barcelona. Time is running so fast…after the first ‘acclimatization‘ to our new base we started to look for working spaces and residencies to have a place to develop our work. That meant lot’s of computer and writing sessions, luckily sometimes in the sun. That’s the Barcelona-bonus: even computer sessions can be pleasant like this 😉
For all these endless sessions we got rewarded with our FIRST RESIDENCY at CC Drassanes. There we had the chance to work on a new version of the piece Begegnungen which we created in Hong Kong last May. After having performed this piece already in Germany, Hong Kong and the Netherlands it was time to literally meet Spain- because Begegnungen  in german means meetings . Time was short, time was running and the performance came closer…

Finally, at the end of November we shared the evening in the small theatre together with another duo. The atmosphere and openness of the audience was really special. We enjoyed trying out the experiment to work with the audiences’ voices, integrating them vocally and making them  active part of the piece. This was a great experience and offers more pathways to explore in the future. It’s amazing and really interesting that this creation works out so differently in every single country & culture. All in all, it was a great kick-off for our collective and for showing our work in Barcelona- and exciting because it was the first official presentation of our work here. The public was really enthusiastic and that gave us good feelings to continue developing this special creation!
photo by dansDOET, Flyer performance

At the same time I was busy with finishing our website in collaboration with our graphic designer Lieke de Blank. This is a completely different story but I can just say: never underestimate the amount of work and nerves for your own website 😉 Now I can proudly pronounce that we are FINALLY ONLINE, which is the second part of getting visible, hopefully not only in Barcelona- our ‚virtual kick-off’.


One thing was to arrive at a new place and settle there with my body and my thoughts. The other thing was to explore all the freedoms and plans but also responsibilities and ‘paper-work‘ of the  contweedancecollective. It feels like a 24-hour business, especially in this hot phase of getting started at a new place and we still have to figure things out, of course. Constantly more ideas are popping up, writing sessions for new concepts, meeting lots of new people, website-finishing, a constant search for possibilities, in-between doubts, measuring chances, appointments for projects, open calls, rehearsing, training and performing….That’s more or less what happened the last weeks. There is 100% commitment to our work and our plans, it’s great and intense at the same time. We take the time to really focus on our collective and we put all our energy in it…but the border between the “exactly the right amount“ and the “too much“ is one of the unanswered questions yet.

I just realized the last days that 3 months is not such a long time to built up own work in a new environment- in a new scene of art & culture…people need to get to know us first and we need to get to know them, too. And that’s why innovation and original ideas or plans are important and a key-factor in the “business“. Authentic ideas and an open minded attitude help to persuade people of your plans and concepts- at least that’s what we experienced here. As I already wrote in my first blog, I like to look at innovation as a constant search for unknown pathways. It’s for me the curiosity in investigating our own work, it’s the planting of lots of crazy and refreshing ideas to give them a chance to grow further. We planted many different seeds the last weeks, we modulated ideas from one shape to a completely new shape because plans change faster than we sometimes wanted. This freedom of sculpturing concepts is beautiful, but it takes a lot of time and asks for decisions. And in this sense it’s great to act within a new scene of art now, because there are a lot of new things to explore for us- but the other way around we also bring new approaches and ideas to them.


Sometimes I feel as a person who tries to conduct a marionette with many, many, many strings. Everything happens at the same time while we are figuring out how the marionette exactly works, and how exactly we want her to move. We always want to be three steps forward…at the same time as we brachiate in the here-and-now through the forest of planting seeds with applications and letting them grow directly on the dance floor, we have to be already three steps further to measure the slalom of the coming periods. I think the most important thing what I’ve learned the last weeks is to be patient, to understand that processes need their time and to trust in the fact that- no matter what happens- there will be popping up something in this big bubble- the future.

photo by Triny Reinoso, Begegnungen,  Barcelona 23 November

Laura Saumweber
contwee dancecollective
Barcelona Dec 2017

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