Open call for ideas to re-brand the European Union

Forum on European Culture, Wolfgang Tillmans, Rem Koolhaas and Stephan Petermann call on European creatives: how to re-brand Europe?

An open call for ideas to re-brand the European Union has been issued by artist Wolfgang Tillmans and architect Rem Koolhaas. ‘The brief is to send us proposals for communicating the advantages of cooperation and friendship amongst people and nations,’ they write, adding: ‘We need messages, how the Union works and how life would be without it. And we need ideas how to challenge the organisation itself, how to make it better.’

Vocal pro-EU advocates Koolhaas and Tillmans are part of the group Eurolab which is participating in a four-day forum titled ‘Act for Democracy!’ taking place in Amsterdam from 31 May – 3 June: ‘Eurolab is a fact-finding mission of what went well and what went wrong in the last 25 years of communicating Europe’ their statement says.

‘Eurolab wants to collect ideas about how cooperation and solidarity can be spoken for in a fresh and compelling way to large audiences. How can the European Union be valued by its citizens and be recognized as a force for good, rather than as a faceless bureaucracy?’

OPEN CALL submit your proposals no later than April 18

Proposals in pdf form can be sent to before 18 April in the form of drafts, designs, photos, poems, words, and short film scripts ‘that can contribute to an improved communication campaign for Europe.’

source: frieze
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