SAVE THE DATE: Art Research Conference ‘FOOD FRICTION’ November 30th

In the 2nd edition of the ‘Art Research Conference’ food is the connecting theme. We will explore emerging identities and look for methods to develop them from different art and design perspectives.

FOOD FRICTION concerns fractures and shifts within food production and consumption. In time we have gone through episodes of primitive eating habits to consuming unsustainable ingredients and now we have reached a stage in which the entire food system becomes cluttered. The focus will be on finding ways to change our eating behavior and trade system through artistic research.

Exploring nutritional identities

November 30th 2018 From 9 AM until 5 PM

Arnhem, The Netherlands

The Conference is meant for students, artists, designers, teachers, lecturers, scientists and professionals from the arts and food sector in the Netherlands and abroad.

Louise O. Fresco, president of Wageningen University & Research will be keynote speaker. She will address the necessity of cooperation between the fields of design, art and science.

FOOD FRICTION debates, workshops, lectures, sensorial interventions will be distributed across five topics:

How can we translate current fiction on communications into future facts?

What would be the preferable future contribution of technology to food development?

How to address behavioral change in food consumption?

Is it possible to produce sufficiently and consume just enough? What could be future business models?

What are the implications of new food identities for culture in general?

ArtEZ Graduate school in collaboration with food designer Katja Gruijters.

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