KunstLab becomes Fillip Studios

The high-tech digital world has a lot to offer, but is limited in its analogue experience. We use our artistic way of thinking to connect the digital possibilities to your analogue senses. We create physical and unexpected wonders that emphasizes being human. Experiences that you can sense, feel and share. Here and now.

The artists of Fillip Studios are Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek. Together they created the work Tactile Orchestra in 2018, a large wall of soft smart textiles that makes music when it is stroked. This work was, among other places, exhibited at the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York in 2018. In addition, this work of art also forms the basis of the Kozie products. These care products are developed with care professionals to use the wonder of Fillip for global societal impact.

Fillip Studios presents: Art / Science Residencies

We live in a time of “wicked problems”, complex problems that cannot be solved by one discipline, but require an interdisciplinary approach. The Fillip Residency program encourages collaboration between artists and scientists in order to arrive at new solutions to current issues.

During the Fillip Residencies artists and scientists will collaborate on a case for about two days a week during three months. Possible cases are the future of robotics in healthcare, how to reduce loneliness in a city or how to improve the ecological systems in a residential area. The cases are presented by clients such as universities, companies or government institutions.

Enhancing motor development

How can we use the technology to stimulate the development of gross motor skills in children and young adults?

Seeing what I’m hearing

How do you make communication tangible for people with autism or people with conversation problems?

Playing with science

How can game design (in the broadest sense of the word) provide an immersive user experience in this case?

Stimulating Conversations in people with dementia

How can we use technology in new ways to stimulate conversations if possible, thereby helping the people that feel at a loss on how to engage their loved ones in a conversation?

Inclusiveness district

Design an intervention to ensure that different groups of people live together in a pleasant way. For you, as a researcher, the question is what ‘inclusiveness’ actually means? And how do you flesh out inclusiveness by physical changes in the public space with regard to the development of the Coberco district?

view all residencies at the website of Fillip Studios

Call for applications

Are you in your 3rd or 4th year of your studies or doing a master? Or have you recently graduated and are you interested in new perspectives on your discipline? Would you like to work in a team on a case provided by a case holder and receive in depth master classes and guidance? 

Visit the website fillipstudios.comfor more information.
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