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Is there life after getting an arts degree?

How to continue with your practice after school, and exploring a rhythm that works for you? What about your economic reality? And the network and inspiration you need to develop your practice and to be able to dream out loud?

We invited the following artists and designers, who graduated in the summer of 2019 at ArtEZ University of the Arts, to share their stories with you the coming year on a regular base: Ellis Tolsma, Max Kelm, Lot Veelenturf, Reinier Postma and Thomas van den Bliek. With an open space that each round will be filled by somebody else. 

Ellis Tolsma

Hello, and welcome to my not-sure-how-many-step-plan towards becoming a professional creative entrepreneur. In these blogs, I’ll be writing about how my first year after graduation progresses. My name is Ellis and I just graduated from ArtEZ in Zwolle as an illustration designer. I also just moved to Hilversum. So that’s been a lot of changes recently. And to be honest? It’s pretty scary. Graduate life sometimes feels like learning to swim. Sure, I had all the swimming theory classes. But reality is something else.

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Max Kelm

Finding Harmony where it is most deeply concealed 

That has become one of my mantras. I am Max Kelm and I graduated last year in Composition for Film & Theater at the conservatory in Arnhem. When you read that, you might think of Hans Zimmer scores with huge orchestras and big drums and epic melodic lines, but I am paving a completely different way. I am not a Hollywood-style composer! I aim to be innovative in what I do and I’m trying to create a completely different concept of live music presentation. Originally, I was born and raised in Germany (Essen) and came to the Netherlands in order to study. Now, 4 years later, I moved to Cologne to fulfil my visions and to earn a living with my music.

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Lot Veelenturf

Last summer I graduated from the Creative Writing program without doing the things I had planned to do. I didn’t write a book or publish a poetry collection. Instead, I founded an online platform for queer art and literature, named First Person. It’s a personal project, because I noticed that as a genderqueer author, there weren’t so many places I could publish my work without having to answer for myself, my identity and my pronouns.

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Reinier Postma

Last year I graduated from the AKI ArtEZ in Enschede where I studied Crossmedia Design. My ongoing research concerns how we view and use private and public space. With temporary interventions I reveal the things that we easily overlook in the hubbub of everyday life and I invite others to contemplate them with me. These visual and performative interventions disrupt everyday situations, lead to fresh encounters and open people’s eyes.

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Thomas van den Bliek

My name is Thomas van den Bliek and I’m a product designer with an interest in new technologies. My fascination for the transition from an analog to a digital world has led me to explore the byproducts that emerge with these new technologies and systems. I want to question the frictionless life that the digital era promotes and recover the human aspect through design propositions.

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